10 branded ISO and broker landing pages winning commissions


At Aquila, we learned that small business merchants seek trust and guidance in making their financing business decisions. Merchants want the best pricing for business funding and they want funding quickly. ISOs and brokers want to convert as many winning deals to funding status in the shortest possible time. However, most merchants aren’t sure where their files are sent. Many merchants tell us they are confused or frustrated because they are not aware of who is underwriting their cash flow.

At Aquila, we aim to personalize each first merchant experience on our platform. We do so by placing the logo of our ISO partner in clearly visible format for merchants to view. If merchants know where they are in the underwriting and cash flow analysis flow, the faster and easier they will move through the underwriting funnel.

Taariq Aquila Landing Page
Taariq Aquila Landing Page

Congratulations to the new ISO Brands on Aquila.

Today, we congratulate the ISOs that are powering new merchant funding by adding their logos to the Aquila landing pages for their underwriting funnels. We expect these merchants will enjoy faster conversions to funding as more merchants use their landing pages for financial analysis and short-term funding. Each of the listed landing pages may be use across any public marketing channels to drive conversions to funding. We encourage all our ISOs to increase the reach of their landing pages for increased funding opportunities.

ISO Name Aquila Public Landing Page with Logos
KPC https://aquilacashflow.com/apply/step1/kpc_group
Clarendon Financial https://aquilacashflow.com/apply/step1/clarendon_financial
Alt Cap USA https://aquilacashflow.com/apply/step1/alt_cap
Uplyft Capital https://aquilacashflow.com/apply/step1/uplyft_capital
ABFunders https://aquilacashflow.com/apply/step1/abfunders
BIZ Cash Solutions https://aquilacashflow.com/apply/step1/biz_cash
Lyft Capital https://aquilacashflow.com/apply/step1/lyft
OnlineLoans.com https://aquilacashflow.com/apply/step1/onlineloanscom
MCA Global https://aquilacashflow.com/apply/step1/mca_global
Texas Business Dev Center https://aquilacashflow.com/apply/step1/tbdc_inc


If you are an ISO or broker, and you want more conversions to funded merchants, send us a picture file of your company’s logo so that we can keep your brand in front of your merchants. You may use the Aquila link in all your marketing channels and your emails so that merchants may convert to funding at a higher number. Our funding rate is public and 20 linked bank accounts may drive anywhere from $3,000 to $9,000 per week in commissions.