The Aquila ISO small business finance manual part I

An introduction to how we underwrite: The Bank Login to get Underwriting data.

The application process at Aquila is built for speed. Our mission is to be the fastest to get merchants and ISOs their money. We process all merchant applications complete online, all the way from sign-up to fund deposits and commissions. A key element of our process is the Merchant Referral link where we ask merchants to link their business bank accounts upon application.

After accessing business bank account transactions, we run analysis to determine whether the merchant’s receivables qualify for new funding. Within minutes, we notify our ISO partners of the underwriting decision and the qualifications for funding. If the merchant’s business bank accounts qualify for small business funding, we are able to confirm the amount, the rate, and the duration, immediately.

Aquila Bank Login Link
Aquila Bank Login Link

Why do things this way?

Most financial institutions use credit scores as the basis of their analysis. We believe that there is more to people and their businesses than just a number. Our method gives merchants a chance to keep their business alive in spite of their low FICO score. The Aquila method helps our ISOs make use of any lead that has been previously declined or are at high risk of decline. Through this workflow, all our ISOs keep control of their merchant relationships.


Aquila was designed to empower ISOs by giving them the ability to refer as many merchants as possible while keeping their relationships in-house. One last tip for those who were brave enough to read all the way. The merchants that you sign in to Aquila will be locked as yours. You can sign as many merchants as possible. Why not sign all the merchants in your database?

Don’t throw paper away,

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