Three ways Aquila empowers small business, financial service brokers


Our last blog post, last week, was a game changer in the small business, daily funding space. We were overwhelmed with over 100 new ISO, broker, and small business registrations to our platform, after our post hit Debanked. When we spoke with the new brokers joining on our network, many asked “What does Aquila really do for ISOs?” We thus wanted to share a quick piece on the three ways Aquila empowers our network of small business ISOs and brokers.

Automated Sales Funnel Alerts

On Aquila, when small business, merchant-applicants go through the Aquila Funding Funnel, we empower their broker and ISOs. We do this when we deliver message alerts with updates on the merchant’s activity in each phase of the underwriting funnel. Alerts are delivered by email, SMS, and mobile messaging applications including Telegram, Discord, and Slack. These alerts make it easy for any ISO to understand what tasks their merchants have completed toward the funding decision. As such, we deliver automated, complete awareness of merchant positions in our funnel. This allow ISOs to spend less time lost and confused and more time capturing commission from high probability funding opportunities.

One-Click ISO Tools

Small business merchants seeking business financing are usually fielding competing offers form tens of small business lenders and other brokers. Fierce competition means that merchants are often distracted from their workflow of tasks needed to qualify for funding on Aquila. When a merchant has not completed a stage in the funnel, Aquila enables ISO to send quick reminders for merchants to continue the process. Also, when a merchant is qualified for renewals, ISOs can quickly submit these qualified merchants for renewal funding. With these on-click tools, ISOs can intervene in the funding funnel to move the process along quickly and to restart funding that may have stalled.

Push the button!
Push the button!

Real-time Commissions on Dashboard

Aquila is 100% committed to its broker network. As such, we pay commissions each day to several of our ISO partners. Our Aquila dashboard delivers real-time awareness into ISO partner commissions pending and commissions paid. We continue to work on our dashboard. We always focus on supporting the most critical features ISOs need to deliver more successful funding for our brokers.


With the top three points, Aquila empowers its brokers to process more merchant applicants faster, with easier access to awareness on funnel performance and real-time commissions. If you’re not yet an Aquila ISO or broker, register here and if you are, login and start using your Aquila landing page here: give us a call and let us help you get your Aquila landing page customized so it’s inviting and ready for merchants to sign-up and link their bank accounts for funding.

The top two most profitable US small business NAICS codes for 2018

Six months ago, we launched our insights and analysis into the 2017 top performing SIC codes by profitability for short term loans. We reviewed the performance of the top five (5) most profitable small business NAICS codes over the period of a year. We also analyzed the worst performing five NAICS codes, as well. Today, we are share our analysis of the performance of American small businesses after the first 6 months of the 2018 business year. If you are an ISO or a small business finance professional, please use this information to help tailor your marketing to capture the highest wins, at the lowest costs.

Number 2 industry code: Professional, Scientific, Consulting and Technical Services. Industry code: 54

Professional, technical and consulting services usually include highly-skilled, professional services. Examples of small businesses in this segment include accounting services, security services, Information Technology (IT) consulting, and Human Resources (HR) consulting. These firms are usually led by one owner who has a “key client” contract, or relationship, driving a major share of their deposit cash flow to the business. This industry segment enjoys its highest cash flow days are during the first 2 quarters, or six months of the year. As such, their performance so far continues to be strong in 2018. We encourage brokers and ISOs in our network to pursue this group as their window of performance will slow down as we head into the fall.

Consulting and Professional Services
Consulting and Professional Services

Number 1: Information Publishing (Communications, Software, News, Books) Industry code: 51

The Information sector comprises establishments engaged in the following processes: (a) producing and distributing information and cultural products, (b) providing the means to transmit or distribute these products as well as data or communications, and (c) processing data. The main components of this sector are the publishing industries, including software publishing, and both traditional publishing and publishing exclusively on the Internet; the motion picture and sound recording industries; the broadcasting industries, including traditional broadcasting and those broadcasting exclusively over the Internet; the telecommunications industries; Web search portals, data processing industries, and the information services industries. This section includes sales to both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B). These companies experience growth during periods of increased business activity. It’s our view that this group continues to perform well in the first half of 2018 and may outperform the other small business segments in Construction and Real Estate.

Information Publishing Software and Newspapers
Information Publishing Software and Newspapers


Our portfolio is growing and the data above could be subject to a number of different impacts including seasonality, economic trends, business trends, and even random noise. However, we’re confident that for ISOs and brokers tuning their marketing, the big money is in the publishing and technical consulting businesses for the first half of 2018. We are not sure if these numbers will hold, but if acquiring customers in these segments are low costs, then funders will most likely fund if they can forecast good repayment recovery.

At Aquila we’ll give these SIC codes priorities over all others so please give us a call. If you’re not yet a broker on our platform, you may sign up here: or login to your account here: We’re paying 10 points as we wrap up June, 2018!