The top two most profitable US small business NAICS codes for 2018

Six months ago, we launched our insights and analysis into the 2017 top performing SIC codes by profitability for short term loans. We reviewed the performance of the top five (5) most profitable small business NAICS codes over the period of a year. We also analyzed the worst performing five NAICS codes, as well. Today, we are share our analysis of the performance of American small businesses after the first 6 months of the 2018 business year. If you are an ISO or a small business finance professional, please use this information to help tailor your marketing to capture the highest wins, at the lowest costs.

Number 2 industry code: Professional, Scientific, Consulting and Technical Services. Industry code: 54

Professional, technical and consulting services usually include highly-skilled, professional services. Examples of small businesses in this segment include accounting services, security services, Information Technology (IT) consulting, and Human Resources (HR) consulting. These firms are usually led by one owner who has a “key client” contract, or relationship, driving a major share of their deposit cash flow to the business. This industry segment enjoys its highest cash flow days are during the first 2 quarters, or six months of the year. As such, their performance so far continues to be strong in 2018. We encourage brokers and ISOs in our network to pursue this group as their window of performance will slow down as we head into the fall.

Consulting and Professional Services
Consulting and Professional Services

Number 1: Information Publishing (Communications, Software, News, Books) Industry code: 51

The Information sector comprises establishments engaged in the following processes: (a) producing and distributing information and cultural products, (b) providing the means to transmit or distribute these products as well as data or communications, and (c) processing data. The main components of this sector are the publishing industries, including software publishing, and both traditional publishing and publishing exclusively on the Internet; the motion picture and sound recording industries; the broadcasting industries, including traditional broadcasting and those broadcasting exclusively over the Internet; the telecommunications industries; Web search portals, data processing industries, and the information services industries. This section includes sales to both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B). These companies experience growth during periods of increased business activity. It’s our view that this group continues to perform well in the first half of 2018 and may outperform the other small business segments in Construction and Real Estate.

Information Publishing Software and Newspapers
Information Publishing Software and Newspapers


Our portfolio is growing and the data above could be subject to a number of different impacts including seasonality, economic trends, business trends, and even random noise. However, we’re confident that for ISOs and brokers tuning their marketing, the big money is in the publishing and technical consulting businesses for the first half of 2018. We are not sure if these numbers will hold, but if acquiring customers in these segments are low costs, then funders will most likely fund if they can forecast good repayment recovery.

At Aquila we’ll give these SIC codes priorities over all others so please give us a call. If you’re not yet a broker on our platform, you may sign up here: or login to your account here: We’re paying 10 points as we wrap up June, 2018!

Aquila Announces the re-launch of its ISO Dashboard

Aquila Cashflow keeps thousands of small businesses alive and growing

The Aquila Cash Flow receivables finance, marketplace re-launches its Independent Sales Organization (ISO) Dashboard with extensive underwriting bank intelligence and status features. Brokers, seeking to close more of their merchants fundings, now have new tools to speed up the process and win larger commissions.

San Francisco, CA — (February 2018) – Aquila today announced the re-launch of its new ISO and Broker interface, Aquila Cashflow ISO Dashboard. Aquila matches thousands of small businesses to sophisticated institutional investors that want to enjoy the additional yield from short-term, high turn-around, debt participation. Aquila’s ISO Dashboard speeds up the process for brokers to onboard and secure funding for their merchant clients that need funding, today.

“When I connected to Aquila, my cleaning business was in a tough spot. No one wanted to help me and my credit was in tatters. One of my trusted brokers decided to help me connect to the Aquila platform. Within hours, they analyzed my business cash flows and predicted how much funding I needed to cover my receivables. I had never experienced anything like it. They move so fast and know my business.” Bob Caramusa – Caramusa Commercial Cleaning, Chicago

Aquila’s Cashflow upgraded ISO Dashboard relaunches with a focus on giving ISO and funding brokers faster access to successful deal closes. Aquila recognizes that brokers have a limited amount of time to close the maximum number of deals. Aquila’s new status partitions for Active, Funded, and Inactive merchants allow brokers to check the status of their active and contract-ready merchants, first. No longer will merchants need to wade through pages of disqualified, and funded merchants, to identify and move their most profitable deals. Brokers that want to check the status of upcoming renewals on already funded deals now have a dedicated view of these merchants.

Time is Money

Not every business merchant is immediate fundable the day the merchant’s application is completed. Aquila never let’s a promising merchant account die. Aquila delivers ongoing bank analysis for brokers to understand their merchant business performance in real-time. Small Businesses that link their bank accounts to Aquila are able to qualify for funding, each day. As soon as a merchant’s banks perform within underwriter requirements, they are funded immediately. ISOs only have to follow-up with merchants to close on their contracts and confirm wire deposits. At Aquila, if merchants don’t qualify for funding, today, they may qualify tomorrow. Aquila’s business performance insights gives ISOs an edge on sales that is not available anywhere else.

Contract renewals are the easiest sales for daily funding ISO and brokers. Aquila ISO Dashboard now allows ISOs to see their funded contracts progression and qualification for renewals, in real time. As merchants complete their contracts and show strong business performance ISOs are able to secure them renewals and fundings the same day. Aquila now pays all renewals on each Friday, of the week, so ISOs don’t need to wait to get paid.

“ISOs are the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) of small business funding. They move fast because the business patient needs extreme financial care and attention, fast. At Aquila, we listen to what our ISOs are trying to get done so that they are able to get their deals funded and renewal commissions paid. Without our strong and speed-driven ISO network, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are today. Therefore, we intend to service our partners well” – Taariq Lewis, CEO of Aquila

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